PSP Industrial Laundry Equipment offers used industrial laundry equipment both in "AS IS" condition as well as reconditioned.  A reconditioned piece of equipment is a cost effective alternative to purchasing new.  Not only is it a practical solution but also cuts down on the lead time that new equipment can incur.  PSP Industrial can do as little as cleaning up and painting a particular machine, or as much as completely going thru, testing it and replacing components that have been proven to be faulty by our technicians or simply have signs of wear and tear.  We tailor our services to meet our customers needs and expectations, while at the same time respecting budget.  We have an experienced crew of mechanics and technicians to service most major brands such as ADC, Chicago,Cissell, G.A Braun, Hypro, Jensen, Lavatec, Milnor, Washex and more.

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